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November 12, 2010
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Suck My Chicken by VenGethenian Suck My Chicken by VenGethenian
This is a large-sized drawing based on a small sketch I made a few months ago. I posted the sketch to my Facebook and a German girl who is really a friend of my brother's replied to say she thought it would be awesome as a poster. I replied back half-jokingly saying I'd draw it on a poster-sized piece of paper for her. She then messaged me to ask if I was serious and said she'd send me some German... stuff... if I actually made her a poster drawing of the chicken pun.

I suffer from incurable wanderlust and curiosity about the world and yet... I have never left the country of my birth. Also, she's really hot and she's an awesome chick who was tons of fun to hang out with when she was in the US. So of course I agreed. This is the poster version I made of a little doodle on lined paper. To be honest... I do like the original doodle better, but this one is a lot more colorful and vivid.

Ssssoooooo yeah, this is the chicken poster for Kati. :3 I'll be sending it off in the mail tomorrow. It'll be the longest journey a piece of my art has ever made. Wooo~~~
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